Testosterone Replacement


What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone made by the body that is responsible for normal development of the male sex organs and for maintaining other sexual functions. In men, testosterone is produced in the testes, the same reproductive glands that produce sperm. The amount of testosterone produced is effected by many things and is primarily regulated by an area in the brain called the hypothalamus and by the pituitary gland.

What does Testosterone do?

The long answer is too long and complicated to list on a website… the short answer is that Testosterone effects:

  • Growth and development of the prostate and male sex organs
  • Development of male hair distribution (such as facial hair)
  • Changes in muscle mass, strength, and fat distribution
  • Sex drive and sexual function
  • Concentration
  • Mood and energy level
  • Bone strength

What causes Low T?

Many, many things can cause or contribute to decreasing testosterone levels. To name a few:

  • Normal aging process
  • Chronic illnesses like diabetes, cirrhosis, and kidney disease
  • Obesity
  • Not sleeping enough (or well enough)
  • Certain pain medications
  • Taking steroids (like the kinds taken for asthma and allergic reactions)

How can I get help?

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