Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Plans Can Help Achieve Your Weight Goals

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Not only are you a unique individual — with a particular metabolism, body type, and nutritional requirements — your needs change and grow as you do. The diet and exercise routine that worked for you as a teen may not work for you as an adult, or when you hit menopause or andropause.

At Rejuvenate Weight Loss & Wellness, a med spa in Jackson and Henderson, Tennessee, our team offers physician-supervised weight loss and fitness programs that are custom-designed to your unique needs. The programs aren’t just designed for short-term weight loss. Your individually tailored program is meant to build lifelong habits that will keep you fit and healthy for years to decades.

Finding the real you

If you’ve been frustrated by weight-loss programs in the past, it’s probably because they weren’t designed based on your particular chemical makeup, nor did they take into consideration things like your lifestyle, food preferences, and other individual choices. Our team members conduct a thorough physical examination, including appropriate lab tests and a heart exam, to be sure the program we design works for you. That’s why you and your friends could all come for one of our free consultations and end up on entirely different exercise and nutrition plans.

Enhancing your nutrition

Your blood work tells our team a lot about your health, including key vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients you may lack. We work with you to tailor-make an eating plan that nourishes your cells and your body, while also tantalizing your taste buds.

In the weight-loss phase, when you may need to restrict calories, we may recommend prescription medications, such as phentermine, to control cravings. You may also be prescribed medications that boost your metabolism and help with fat burning, so that you see the changes you’ve been working toward, faster than ever.

You might also benefit from nutritional injections that build muscles, strengthen your immune system, or stimulate fat burning, including:

If you’re ready for a dramatic change or have heard about the the Beachbody® program, Rejuvenate Weight Loss & Wellness is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach. The Beachbody system is built around natural supplements, home fitness programs, and nutrition plans.

Coaching you like a superstar

Top athletes know that it takes a great coach to keep them on track, push them to their ultimate fitness level, and help them avoid injury. During your consultation, we work with you to find out what kinds of activities you enjoy so that you can safely build up stamina and endurance while having fun, too.

When your budget is limited, an at-home walking regimen or local dance or sporting activities may be all you need. You could also opt for the Beachbody program. If you’d like to join a gym or get a personal trainer, our team may be able to arrange a discount for you.

In addition, by being part of Rejuvenate Weight Loss & Wellness’s medically supervised weight-loss program, you get regular coaching right here at our Jackson and Henderson offices. Not only do we offer weekly check-ins, we can coach you during the in-between times with personalized emails and social media. And — when you hit a plateau and need a stimulating change — we can even recommend tasty, nutritional recipes, nutrition tips, and fitness techniques.

To set up your first free consultation, call our team today. You can also book your appointment online.

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